Francesca Miranda “Catches your Dreams” on the media.

“The concept ‘Catch your Dreams’ is inspired on the symbols of Luxury and Dreams. Is the possibility of create a magic world to catch our dreams, letting only the stillness, positive energy and rest pass”

On the Francesca Miranda’s Blog, we have the main of several appereances made by the designer last may 25th for the colombian media, promoting her new home and living line with multinational Éxito named “Atrapa tus sueños’ (Catch your Dreams).

Listen to Francesca talking about her new bedding line “Atrapa tus Sueños” on colombian radio show La Tarde de RCN,
here (Spanish) ——-> FM habla en La Tarde sobre “Atrapa tus sueños”

Besides, our beloved designer gave an interview with Cablenoticias, and told the audience about her passion for design in general, decoration and home, and her future projects with a school of design in Barranquilla, Colombia, and more…

Por Equipo de FM

Nia, Monday May 28th, 2012

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