Francesca Miranda @ Miss Universe with Daniella Álvarez

Francesca Miranda & Daniella Álvarez

Last week, Francesca Miranda’s atelier received the grateful visit of Daniella Álvarez, Miss Colombia 2011-2012. El Concurso Nacional de Belleza (The National Beauty Pageant) is well known by supporting the colombian talent for both emerging designers and those who have a long trajectory in design in Colombia.

Our beloved designer will have the pleassure of being part of the royal trousseau of Daniella Álvarez, representing Colombia on the 61th Miss Universe pageant, celebrating on this year’s december.

Meanwhile, precious Tabaco couln’t resist the charms of the beautiful Daniella, who is also a well known animal lover.

Our best wishes for Daniella! We are sure that Colombian will be greatly represented on Miss Universe, and that she will be one of the best dressed (if not the best).

Daniella Álvarez & Tabaco

 By FM Team

Nia, Monday July 30th, 2012

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