The Ultimate Bridal Guide: How to pick the fabrics for THE dress?

Let’s start from the point that this is the MOST important dress in the life of a bride. So, especial as it is, must be chosen carefully with every detail covered: Silhoutte, style and the prime matter, the fabrics.

We want to start a helpful guide for the brides-to-be, and this time we are talking about the different fabrics that are the best and most used in the creation of a beautiful wedding gown.

1. Lace – It is our #1 without a doubt, and one of Francesca’s favourites. It is the bride material by excellence, for its romantic nature.
Pros: You can construct very beautiful shapes with lace, and play with the design with embroidery.
Cons: Absolutely none… that we know!

2. Satin – Is one of the most popular between the brides…
Pros: Offers estructure, body and elegance to the silhouette. It can be used on formal and semi-formal ceremonies.
Cons: It is too hot for summer weddings and warm weather in general.

3. Silk Taffeta – Always bright and elegant. It is more for ballroom styles.
Pros: Comes in a great variety of textures and weights.
Cons: Wrinkles easily… and makes a little bit of noise when walking.

4. Embroidered Tulle – Exquisite and delicate.
Pros: Soft, beautiful and great for veils and appliques. Gives a romantic and ethereal aura.
Cons: None, is beautiful!

5. Chiffon – Chiffon is never out of style for brides. Better used on late afternoon or evening ceremonies.
Pros: Soft and sheer, great for warm weather and summer.
Cons: Not so good if you are looking for a structured ballgown style.

6. Organza – Like chiffon but a little bit more stiff, and lighter that satin and heavier that taffeta.
Pros: It gives shape a texture to a skirt.
Cons: None, other than it is too transparent to make a whole dress.

By FM team

Nia, Wednesday August 8th, 2012

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