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Stunning Francesca Miranda Bridal Couture bride, Melissa Londoño

05 Dec 2013 / in Bridal, FM Gallery

Revista Miércoles (Colombia)

07 Nov 2013 / in Bridal, FM Press



The FM Bridal Guide for: The Do’s and Dont’s for the Mother-Of-The-Bride

23 Oct 2013 / in Blog, Bridal, recommended

1. Remeber who’s day it is ;)
A wedding celebration is for people who are getting married, and the one getting married is? …That’s right, THE BRIDE. This is the happiest day of her life, and she must be the one getting all the attention and being the most beautiful and eye-catching girl at the party.

Left: Carole Middleton / Right: Kriss Jenner

Left: Carole Middleton / Right: Kriss Jenner

2. Do stand for your own style.
Remebering our #1 advice, stand for your own style without outstanding the bride.

Bianca Jagger

Bianca Jagger

3. If you are wearing black, don’t forget to smile.
Wearing a black dress being the mother of the bride is OK, as long as is elegant and festive. Wear it with a BIG smile, so it doesn’t seem that you disapprove the marriage…

Bianca Jagger @ Wedding Family Picture

Bianca Jagger @ Wedding Family Picture

4. Inform the Mother-Of-The-Groom on what you are wearing.
Dressing accordingly to “the other mother” is the right thing to do to prevent overdressing, clashing colors, and other fashion faux pas.

Cristina de Suecia

Cristina de Suecia

All work… and then play! Having a blast in NYC’s BridalMarket!

Thank you so much for all the support after presenting my newest bridal collection in NYC at the beautiful Group868 Showroom. I’ve had such a great time the last weekend…

Besos, FM.

Simone - FM Bridal Spring 2013

Francesca Miranda + Inside Weddings

Francesca Miranda + Daniella Jassir

Grace - FM Bridal Spring 2014

@ Bridal Market

FM Team

“Emmanuelle” @ Green Shoes Wedding Blog

07 Oct 2013 / in Blog, Bridal, recommended, Social Media

Francesca Miranda Bridal @ Green Shoes Wedding Blog

Francesca Miranda Bridal Trunk Show @ The Wedding Shoppe (Wayne, PA)

19 Sep 2013 / in Bridal, FM News

September 20-28
Contact: 610.293.1299
503 West Lancaster Ave. Suite 110
Wayne, PA

trunkshow pennsylvania

Fanfare event at the Kohl Mansion – Francesca Miranda Bridal gown

13 Sep 2013 / in Bridal

Naomi - Francesca miranda Bridal fall13

PH Gustavo Fernandez

Terri Hall: The Stylish Bride (via Nouvelle Vogue)

12 Sep 2013 / in Bridal, FM Gallery, Social Media

Francesca Miranda, bride: Terri Hall

Francesca Miranda Bridal @ The Knot

03 Aug 2013 / in Bridal, FM Press

The Knot - Fall2013

Look for the gorgeous Charlize by Francesca Miranda on this summer Edition of the Martha Stewart Weddings magazine

21 Jun 2013 / in Bridal, FM News


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